His pleasure

cheetah was made to run
muscles pulsing, heart beating
flying over the savannah to ensnare her prey in her teeth

lion was made to roar
jaw wide, eyes wild
bellowing at the sweltering heat in the midday sun

I was made to

dog was made to bark
hair raised, teeth bared
straining to tell his boy there’s a rabbit, there’s a rabbit

falcon was made to dive
wings pinned back, eyes focused
falling upon the rabbit that squeals in her talons

I was made to

singer was made to sing
diaphragm pushing, voice ringing
telling of love and loss to the enraptured hearts in the room

runner was made to race
legs pumping,  chest forward
sprinting toward the line past her panting competition

I was made to

was I made to run, bounding, straining
was I made to sing, crooning, belting
was I made to build, lifting, exerting
was I made to create, imagining, molding

I was made to sing to praise to cry out to preach to share
I was made to run to leap to carry to strive to try
I was made to love to trust to serve to edify to hold
I was made to glorify to magnify to worship to exalt to lift up high

like the cheetah, like the lion
like the dog, like the falcon
like the singer, like the runner
I cannot help but glorify Him by doing what I was made to do

He made me to
I will


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