Trailer of the Hour: Man of Steel

It seems like new trailers are coming out every minute of every day.  So, for a new feature for this blog, I’m going to choose a standout trailer as the Trailer of the Hour.  This will only belong to trailers that have wowed me or piqued my interest, or at least seem like a movie on which I’ll spend 10 bucks, and perhaps 8 more bucks on popcorn and soda.

Why I’m pumped: I’m not a Superman fan, persay.  I much prefer the mystique of Batman, the relatability of Spider-Man, and the tragedy of the X-Men.  Superman is kinda boring.  But that’s nothing new- people have been complaining about that for years.  However, if this trailer is any indication, Zack Snyder (of 300 and Watchmen fame- or infamy, if you prefer) and company have captured the very thing that promises to make Superman a real person.  Instead of bringing us in on Clark Kent having been Superman for a while, he brings us in on the origin story, and we will (hopefully) get to watch Kal-el decide whether he will be good or bad.  Kevin Costner’s voiceover tells us as much when he says, “You need to decide what kind of man you’re going to be.”  It begs the question of what Clark would have been like if Superman had chosen evil.  This is going to be an interesting take on America’s favorite superhero.

Why I’m worried: The short version, Zack Snyder.  The long version, Sucker Punch.  But he also made 300 and Watchmen, so there’s good in there somewhere.

Underrated actor sighting: Michael Shannon, as General Zod.  He gave the best male performance from last year.  I can’t wait to see what he does as a villain.


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