Trailer of the Hour: Star Trek into Darkness

It seems like new trailers are coming out every minute of every day.  So, for a new feature for this blog, I’m going to choose a standout trailer as the Trailer of the Hour.  This will only belong to trailers that have wowed me or piqued my interest, or at least seem like a movie on which I’ll spend 10 bucks, and perhaps 8 more bucks on popcorn and soda.

Why I’m pumped: There’s a trend in sequels now to make things darker, grittier than the original (see: Iron Man 3).  This probably goes back to the inarguable fact that The Empire Strikes Back was the best of the original Star Wars trilogy, and Empire was definitely darker than the relatively tame A New Hope.  To be fair though (SPOILER), Obi-Wan did die in A New Hope, though that was mildly alleviated by the fact that Luke could still talk to him and stuff.  But this new trailer for Star Trek into Darkness is clearly playing up the “the stakes are high” card here.  And, frankly, I’m sold.  Obviously Kirk (Chris Pine) isn’t about to get killed, though they’ve got him jumping off a cliff at the beginning of the trailer and off a building near the end.  But they’re hinting at some danger for the rest of the crew, and, if I’m not mistaken, Spock (Zachary Quinto) is probably the most likely (the 1:40 mark).  You think they won’t kill off Spock?  Never assume, dear readers.  Never assume.  And Benedict Cumberbatch looks like a boss as whatever villain he is.

Why I’m worried: I’m not.  Well, maybe a little.  The first Star Trek was a very fun movie, and I’m not seeing too much fun in this trailer.  But J.J. Abrams has been good at balancing drama with humor (LostSuper 8).  And I guess I should remember that the fun first movie also included (SPOILER, though really, you should go see the first one- great sci-fi flick, I promise) the death of Kirk’s father as Kirk is being born, the death of Spock’s mother while his planet was being destroyed, and a villain whose wife and unborn child were killed as his planet was being destroyed.  So I’m not worried.

This is just the teaser: Wait, this isn’t a trailer?  It’s 2 minutes long, but it’s a teaser.  Which makes me worried that the trailer will reveal too much.  They already released a teaser for the teaser, which was 1 minute long, and now they’ve released the teaser for the trailer, which is 2 minutes long.  I feel like this is the perfect length for a trailer for this movie.  I don’t want to know anything else.  You’ve already got me hooked!  Don’t ruin it for me by showing me too much!  So now I’m worried.  But not about the movie.  Just about the trailer.  And not this trailer.  This is just a teaser.  The next trailer.  Yeah.


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