Trailer of the Hour: Oblivion

Why I’m pumped: Tom Cruise is one of my favorite actors.  He’s one of the greatest movie stars of all time from a purely money standpoint, yet he has the perception of being boring.  I suppose you could make the point that he plays the same character in every movie, but that’s only because early in his career he formulated an image that movies started to conform to.  That’s the very definition of a movie star.  But he’s also taken some risks and pulled off some intense acting in several movies (Minority ReportJerry MaguireTop Gun*), so it’s always interesting when you see him in a movie that’s not just an action movie.  It helps that the science fiction aspect looks like every great existential science fiction movie piled into one- I can see elements of 2001MoonThe MatrixWALL-E

Why I’m worried: …almost to the point where this may just end up being a rehash of everything we’ve seen before.  I’m a little afraid that the plot will be as obvious as what we see in this trailer and that it won’t try to go any deeper.

Take a load off: Are those the opening chords to “The Weight” by The Band I hear at the beginning?  I wonder what Levon Helm would’ve thought.

*I’m only half joking about this one.  Are you telling me you didn’t cry when Goose [SPOILER] dies and Maverick freaks out?


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