Trailer of the Hour: Gravity

gravityWhy I’m pumped: This isn’t even a full trailer and it’s got me more excited for Gravity than almost any other trailer.  Even if the trailer didn’t feature breathtaking shots of astronauts in space being thrust into nail-biting peril that had me on the edge of my seat in a teaser, this movie is directed by Alfonso Cuarón, who directed the perfect A Little Princess, one of the 3 best Harry Potter movies, the beautiful if incredibly inappropriate Y Tu Mamá También*, and his masterpiece Children of Men.  That output speaks for itself; Children of Men alone would be enough to draw me to his next movie.  This teaser seals the deal- I’m seeing it.

Why I’m worried: Two actors alone in space could hardly…who am I kidding, I’m not worried at all.  This will be incredible.  Don’t try and tell me any differently, or I’ll let go and let you drift off into space.  You know, figuratively.

Bold move: It’s a testament to the power of this teaser that you only see George Clooney’s face for like 2 seconds (at the 0:50 mark), and you honestly can’t even really tell it’s him.  It might be Sandra Bullock.  Come to think of it, you almost barely see her face either.  Two of the biggest stars in movies right now, and they are hardly in the trailer.  Yet the movie still looks amazing.

*I’ll never watch it again- way too much nudity.  I wish I hadn’t seen it.  I can’t recommend it for that reason.


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