Song of the Hour: “Recovery” by Frank Turner

frankturner1Why it rocks: If this song is any indication, Frank Turner’s had a rough past year.  He’s a British folk-punk singer, but there’s not much folk on this song.  This is pure rock, from its driving drum intro for every chorus to the mix of a banging piano riff and crunchy guitars while Turner sings about his road to getting over heartbreak.  The song’s arrangement is playful, but the lyrics point to a man at the end of his rope.  Even though that desperation permeates every bar, you’d be hard-pressed to find a song this year more suited to air-drumming at a stoplight.

If you like this…: You might like Frightened Rabbit, a Scottish band with similar punk leanings and folk trimmings.  They also tackle comparable themes of heartbreak and addiction.  Their best album is The Midnight Organ Fight, and the best song on that album is “The Modern Leper”.  They also had an album that came out earlier this year that’s worth a listen.

frankturner2How’s the album?: About as good as it gets.  We need more rock and roll records like Tape Deck Heart, the kind that wears its heart on its sleeve without making us cringe.  It might be the rock album of the year so far.


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