Trailer of the Hour: Veronica Mars

A weekly (haha…maybe) feature on a noteworthy trailer. This will only belong to trailers that have wowed me or piqued my interest, or at least seem like a movie on which I’ll spend 10 bucks, and perhaps 8 more bucks on popcorn and soda.  I may occasionally include a stinker.

Why I’m pumped: Maybe you never watched the original TV series Veronica Mars.  If not, SHAME ON YOU. YOU’RE THE REASON THEY CANCELLED IT. YOU’RE THE REASON THE WORLD IS A COLD, DARK PLACE WITHOUT FUN. I’M GOING TO FIND YOU AND Wow, I’m so sorry. I didn’t take my Blog Hulk medicine this morning. It won’t happen again. But it does make me angry that they cancelled Veronica Mars, when it was so clear to those of us watching that no other show about teenagers at the time was anywhere close to Mars‘s insight and entertainment value. I love that Veronica’s story since the end of the show seems so perfect and so blasé at the same time, I hate that it looks like she’s going to hook up with Logan (definitely not one of the Veronica/Logan shippers…), and I can’t wait to love to hate Logan all over again.  The movie looks stylish, true to the series, and not at all like it was made on a Kickstarter-funded budget.

Why I’m worried: If the X-Files movies and the lackluster response to the new season of Arrested Development are any indication, going back to the well isn’t always the best choice.  I trust Rob Thomas and the cast, but it has been 7 years.

Kristen’s komeback: Kristen Bell deserved better after Mars was cancelled.  The charisma and pathos she brought week after week to a troubled character can’t be praised enough.  Unfortunately, Hollywood is rarely kind to women, and she never found a role that really showcased her talents.  Perhaps it’s time for her to look back at TV, where the great roles for women keep expanding.  In the meantime, it will be nice to see her on the big screen in a role that allows her to be a real person.


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