Song of the Hour: “Song My Love Can Sing” by Doug Paisley

This is a weekly (haha…maybe) feature on a recently released song that I can’t stop listening to.

Why it rocks: It doesn’t rock so much as sink under your skin. Recently, the narrative is that good country is hard to find, while folk and Americana have exploded. Doug Paisley lends some credibility to the country side of things. Paisley (no relation to Brad) sings from the perspective of a man whose heart is never set on the girl he’s with. He could be a lecherous cad, but something in those sweet organ chords and Paisley’s winsome croon tells me he really is wondering how much longer he has to wait till his heart feels alive.

Listen if you like…: Alan Jackson‘s slower stuff. He’s got Jackson’s skill with a phrase, and his voice cuts just as deep.

How’s the album?: Heartbreaking. Nothing on Strong Feelings comes close to this song, but they’re all good. Makes me take back all the things I said about country music in my Grammys post.


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