Trailer of the Hour: Guardians of the Galaxy

Why I’m pumped: I love everything about this trailer. I love Chris Pratt’s offhand humor breaking through the tension at the beginning of the preview. I love the way Rocket Racoon almost isn’t in the shot and then Groot barely fits. I love the totally counterintuitive use of Blue Swede’s “Hooked on a Feeling”, with its ooga-chakas. I love that the action looks like a mix between typical movie gunfights/martial arts and a circus. I love the anticlimactic ending. I love EVERYTHING.

Why I’m worried: James Gunn, the guy who’s directing this strange beast of a movie, has a writing credit on both Scooby-Doo movies. So there’s that. But Marvel has a history of turning left-field directing choices into real winners. You could look no further than Joss Whedon, who, while revered for his contributions to television, had never taken on a project as big as The Avengers and made arguably the best superhero movie ever made in the process. But if we were to look further, we’d find the examples of Shane Black for Iron Man 3 and Alan Taylor for Thor: The Dark World as relatively unproven directors who made admirable movies both in their own right and as pieces in the Marvel collection. That gives me confidence that Marvel will do the same for James Gunn.

Zoe Saldana: Saldana is a fine actress (she did more than perhaps anyone to lend real emotion to Avatar), but is she being pigeonholed a little bit? Can the casual moviegoer name a Zoe Saldana role that isn’t in a science-fiction movie? At some point, she’ll have to get tired of playing characters that have eclectic skin colors, but, for now, I’ll enjoy this little wheelhouse she’s created for herself and look forward to a point where she’s playing more complex characters.


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