Quick Take: The World’s End

theworldsendThis is the crowning achievement in Edgar Wright‘s Cornetto trilogy, so named for a specific brand of “frozen dessert cone” that makes a very brief cameo in each of the saga’s films. Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz are both charming, but they also both seem sort of inconsequential. I can watch those movies and have a good laugh and then turn them off and continue on my way. The World’s End, a comedy that starts out Big Chill and becomes Attack the Block, affected me, made me think about life in ways I wasn’t expecting, and also made me laugh for nearly its entire two-hour run time, thanks to a dry and surreal British wit. I’m sorry the trilogy is over; luckily, we have Edgar Wright’s Ant-Man to look forward to. Here’s to hoping he returns to collaborating with Simon Pegg someday as well.


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