Song of the Hour: “Eurydice” by The Pains of Being Pure at Heart

pains1Why it rocks: The Pains of Being Pure at Heart are no strangers to songs with wistful hooks that stick with you for the remainder of your summer (see: “Young Adult Friction” and “Heart in Your Heartbreak”), but they may have topped themselves with “Eurydice”. Even if you don’t know the story of Eurydice, you can still appreciate the chorus’s assertion of “I never stop losing you”. Surely you’ve been close to perfection only to see it slip away due to your own failings. If you do know the story, then you can appreciate even more that what we have here isn’t just an endlessly catchy hook, but an allusion that affirms our most desperate efforts to reach for that perfection.

Listen if you like…: For old people: The Cure. For young ‘uns: Vampire Weekend. I understand there’s some dissonance between those two bands (though it is fun to imagine Robert Smith singing “Oxford Comma”), but The Pains of Being Pure at Heart fall somewhere between synth-emo and twee.

How’s the album?: Their self-titled debut is still the gold standard for indie synth pop, but Days of Abandon comes pretty dang close.

[Disclaimer: Fewer links on this post- the album artwork for Days of Abandon has some nudity on it, in case you go searching for it.]


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