Song of the Hour: “Dance with Me Baby” by Ben Rector

This isn’t a new song. It appeared on Rector’s 2010 album Into the Morning, a great pop record overlooked because artists like Rector, Dave Barnes, and Drew Holcomb aren’t taken seriously by anyone who hasn’t seen their live shows. It’s not even the most popular song on that album. That honor would go to “When a Heart Breaks” or “White Dress” or even “Loving You Is Easy”. It’s easily the least-produced song on the album, with Rector’s voice accompanied by a simple acoustic guitar and minimal piano chords. But for me and my wife, it’s our song.

anniversaryIt’s our song, because Vicky put it on the first CD she ever made me before we had even started dating. It’s our song, because it turned out to be one of the few songs we both love, since she tends to grimace when my music is playing. It’s our song, because while I was in Laos, it was one of the things God used to remind me what I would be coming home to. It’s our song, because sang it to her when I proposed. It’s our song, because it was our first dance at our wedding. It’s our song, because when I hear it, I’m reminded of how full of love I am for her.

A lot can change in a year. We bought a dog. We traveled to Nashville. We moved (on up) from an apartment to a duplex. Our Sooners annihilated the SEC in the Sugar Bowl. But this song remains the same: a perfect 5-minute capsule of my feelings for the love of my life. Happy Anniversary, Vicky.


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