Song of the Hour: “NRG” by Duck Sauce

Why it rocks: Are you listening to this song? You’re obviously not, because you’re reading this, and I find it hard to believe that you can dance and read at the same time. This is the kind of song that begs you to bust out your cheesiest, not-ready-for-primetime-est dance moves. It demands that you dance like everyone’s watching but you don’t care. The video’s pretty funny, but the song works better without it as pure “everybody dance now” glory. The rest of the album, Quack, is pure house mumbo-jumbo, though admittedly not beholden to bass drops like Duck Sauce‘s less creative EDM peers. But Quack‘s other songs aren’t my style. “NRG” is everyone’s style.

Listen if you like…: ANYTHING. But especially if you’ve got soft spot for Daft Punk’s singles or “NRG”‘s early-aughts twin, Junior Senior’s “Move Your Feet”.


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