Trailer of the Hour: Unbroken

Why I’m pumped: If the story outlined in this trailer sounds too outlandish to be true, I don’t blame you. After all, how could this many things happen to one person? But the story is true. Louis Zamperini had an incredible life. I would love to see a great movie about him. And there are moments in this trailer that took my breath away: the moment the water gushes into the plane; Louis’s face as he defiantly stares the Japanese officer in the eyes; his scream of “Hit me!”. Jack O’Connell looks to have a breakout role in the small amount of footage we’re given here. Trailers obviously show all the best parts, but it’s a good feeling to leave a trailer with the thought that you’ve only scratched the surface.

Why I’m worried: It’s directed by Angelina Jolie, which isn’t a problem in and of itself. But her last movie, In the Land of Blood and Honey, wasn’t well-received. I never got past the preview of that one, and I didn’t mind. However, I have heard that the problems with that movie had little to do with the directing. And what we see in this trailer looks exciting and as if Jolie has a good eye for arresting visuals.

Burn after writing: The Coen brothers worked on this screenplay. Mm-hm. Yep. Nothing to see here.


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