One Year of Winnie

Winnie girlThe title of this post is misleading, since we’ve only had Winnie girl for about 10 months. But she turned 1 year old this week, so I wanted to commemorate the day of her birth with a post of 6 observations. Every 6 months I’ll post 6 more. We’ll see if that actually happens.


  • Winnie is a better dog with a backyard. We moved to a duplex in May. Our apartment before this didn’t have a backyard. I wouldn’t say Winnie was a terror in our old apartment, but I also wouldn’t say she wasn’t. In the duplex, Winnie knows to go to the back door to let us know she needs to go to the bathroom. She won’t grab things to chew nearly as often as she did in the old apartment. And she sleeps a lot more, because she gets to run around outside. Moral of the story: backyard is better than no backyard.
  • Winnie likes to watch television before bed. Sometimes while I’m watching a movie or a basketball game in the evening, Winnie will come sit next to me or on my lap after she runs around and plays. She watches the TV for about twenty minutes, then falls asleep. Winnie prefers NBA games and action movies.
  • Winnie snores when she sleeps. She gets this from her mother.*
  • Having a dog is just like having a kid. You worry about their safety constantly. You have to provide them with everything, because they can’t take care of themselves. And you clean up a lot of poop. Just like kids.
  • Having a dog is nothing like having a kid. You have to teach kids to do a lot more than sit, stay, and shake. Your worries about your dog’s safety aren’t that intense, because it’s not a part of you. And kids don’t chase bugs and chew them up, then leave them on the patio. I think. I don’t have kids yet.
  • Having a dog and having a kid at the same time must be hard.

*I’ll probably be in trouble for this one. But I’m keeping it in the name of honesty.


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