Quick Take: Blue Ruin (2014)

blueruinThe best part about the movie release schedule being filled with blockbusters is that it makes the small, quiet movies that much easier to appreciate. Take one of this year’s best movies, Blue Ruin: Here’s a movie with several gunfights, knife fights, and an ending that amounts to a bloodbath, and it never reaches into the cacophony of mainstream action movies, preferring instead a logical framework that considers what it must be like for an average, everyday person to try doing what action stars are only capable of in the movies. Macon Blair, in a determined and frantic performance, plays Dwight, who is seeking revenge for deeds best left discovered. He’s not very good at it, but director Jeremy Saulnier takes you step by step of Dwight’s process. You see that he’s an amateur, but his determination is enough to convince you he may just be able to pull it off. But at what cost? Dwight doesn’t seem to care.

Quicker take: No country for young men who don’t know what they’re doing.


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