Quick Take: Snowpiercer (2014)


If you missed Snowpiercer this summer, you’re forgiven. Harvey Weinstein bungled the release, and it rattled in and out of theaters without fanfare. But it might have been the best blockbuster this summer that didn’t bust any blocks. Based on a French graphic novel from the 1980s, director Bong Joon-ho nevertheless has created an wholly original world within a train that runs along a track that spans the circumference of the Earth. The passengers can’t leave, seeing as how the planet is frozen due to global warming. No one would accuse Snowpiercer of being subtle, but its audacity is one of its charms. Another charm is Chris Evans (of Captain America fame) as the man who leads the passengers in steerage in a revolt against the passengers at the front. This is an epic movie, so it’s long, but it flies by, and when it’s over you want to go back to figure out how they pulled it all off.

Quicker take: Captain America: The Winter from Hell


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