Trailer of the Hour: Jurassic World

Look, I understand the Star Wars teaser was released last week too. But let’s agree to hold off on analyzing it till later, when we get a full-fledged trailer, because that teaser showed us nothing except things we already knew, such as who has been cast in the movie.

My wife and I watched all three Jurassic Park movies last week, strangely not because of this trailer, but because we had just watched E.T. and the John Williams score reminded Vicky of Jurassic Park. The first three obviously decrease in quality, with the sharpest dropoff being between the second and the third. There’s no way to tell if Jurassic World will continue that trend. Though, honestly, it would be hard to get worse than Jurassic Park III. I’m inclined to think, after watching this trailer, that World has the possibility of recapturing the original’s theme of man’s hubris in the face of nature, only on a grander scale. The movie looks huge in every way, and the cast is awesome. The trailer shows you enough to make this “new” dinosaur sound intriguing rather than a silly new plot point plugged in as an excuse for a sequel. But, really, I approve of this trailer mostly for the quiet piano version of the JP theme that plays around the 2-minute mark.


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