Quick Take: A Most Wanted Man (2014)


Impossible to watch without thinking about the fact that Philip Seymour Hoffman will never make another movie, A Most Wanted Man has a haunted feel to it. Hoffman’s performance is the fulcrum upon which the movie rests and functions. He’s weary and battle-worn, but still Hoffman plays him with a sparkle in his eye as a man who knows more than you and knows it. His character, Günther, heads a covert spy operation in Hamburg, Germany, and their target is a Muslim man who is siphoning money through charities to terrorist organizations, and the spies find a man who……sorry, nodded off there. Where was I? Oh, I was talking about the plot? Why? The plot’s boring. Most of the movie is boring, actually- director Anton Corbijn has little to say visually, and Rachel McAdams, bless her, is miscast as a lawyer of ambiguous nationality (but, really, we know she’s American because her accent is so bad) who falls in love with the spy operation’s……oh, I nodded off again, didn’t I?

Quicker take: Come for the Hoffman performance, stay for the Hoffman performance.


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