Quick Take: The Fast & the Furious (2001)


Come with me on a journey, as I make my way through all the Fast/Furious movies in anticipation of the upcoming seventh. We start with the first one (appropriately), which is not an impressive movie, especially in retrospect. Where future installments doubled down on the action and effects, The Fast & the Furious was surprisingly more about the characters’ story. The climactic action scene, when Dom (Vin Diesel) and his crew attempt to hijack a truck, is so comparably grounded in reality that it’s almost unrecognizable as a scene from this franchise. But while the movie as a whole isn’t that great, the low-key approach works. The cast (including the late, charming Paul Walker and the gritty Michelle Rodriguez) has charisma to spare, and the story has a blue-collar appeal. This is my favorite Fast/Furious movie so far!

Quicker take: Slower and less angry than later installments.


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