Quick Take: Fast & Furious (2009)


Okay, this is when the series begins rounding into form, I think. It’s at least beginning to have the look I associate with the movies just from their trailers. It seems crazy in hindsight that they went two movies without Vin Diesel, since he’s the face of the franchise now. The chemistry beween Diesel and Paul Walker can’t be denied and goes a long way to making this the best installment yet, as does a ludicrous but fun plot involving Dom (Diesel) and Brian (Walker) infiltrating a drug cartel to find out who killed Letty (Michelle Rodriguez). The same director from Tokyo Drift, Justin Lin, is back, but he has a better script to work with this time. The story allows for the beginnings of a team to form, with Dom and Brian as the nucleus. The characters start to feel like a family- a family that solves all their problems with racing, sure, but still a family.

Quicker take: Lucas Black is gone thank goodness, Diesel and Walker are back thank goodness, and everyone’s making a lot of money.


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