Quick Take: Godzilla (2014)


I watched this at home on my relatively tiny TV and not on an IMAX screen, so undoubtedly that played a part in how underwhelmed I was by the newest Godzilla. Maybe if I had seen it on a massive screen, the beautifully shot monster fights would have been that more impressive. But I think the parts of the movie that concern themselves with puny humans (a screaming Bryan Cranston, a fleeting glimpse of Juliette Binoche, the underused Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Elizabeth Olsen) would be just as uninteresting. Director Gareth Edwards directed the smart Monsters in 2010, a monster movie with a low budget that still managed to transfix with its visuals. Godzilla‘s monster setpieces share the same visual brilliance; a movie made solely of creative perspective shots showing Godzilla wreaking havoc on other monsters would have bumped my rating a lot. As is, Godzilla is one half trash, another half treasure.

Quicker take: The real monsters here are the boring humans taking up space.


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