Quick Take: Locke (2014)


You’ll probably tune out after this next sentence, but I beg you not to: Locke takes place entirely in one car and features only Tom Hardy talking to various people on the Bluetooth in his car. Now that the premise is out of the way and we’re past the idea that this movie is just one big gimmick, consider the thought that this gimmick may be the best way to get to know an actor. You’ll probably know Tom Hardy as Bane in The Dark Knight Rises or as one of the more electrifying performers in Inception. But you won’t really know him until you see Locke, which basically focuses in on Hardy’s face as his character, Ivan, conducts conversations with his wife, the woman who is about to have his baby, his employer, and a colleague under his supervision. Each caller is connected to a crisis in Ivan’s life, all happening on the same night- another gimmick, but if you go with it, this exercise in acting is its own reward.

Quicker take: If only the Bluetooth in my car was so effective.


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