Song of the Hour: “You Are Luhh” by Frank Ocean

Looking back, it’s hard to overstate the influence that Aaliyah had on R&B music. Popular R&B has taken a few detours since her death, but I can’t imagine a world with Beyoncé if Aaliyah hadn’t made her music. On the week of what would have been Aaliyah’s 36th birthday, Frank Ocean posted this cover of Aaliyah’s “At Your Best (You Are Love)” (itself a cover of an old Isley Brothers song). Ocean may be having the same level of influence on R&B now that Aaliyah did in the ’90s, even if it’s harder to see since music is so thinly spread out these days. Aaliyah’s version from 1994 is iconic (she was 15!), but Ocean’s voice is so honey-smooth and far-reaching, his tribute to her may have eclipsed her version entirely.


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