Trailer of the Hour: Avengers: Age of Ultron

Let’s start with the bad stuff, shall we?

I’m as excited for this next Avengers movie as the next comic-book-reading guy, but so far I have three concerns, all of which are present in this trailer.

First off (and this is actually more true of the first couple of trailers), why so serious? Seriously, what I (and many) loved about the first movie was the mix of impeccably staged action and impeccably timed banter. A dark Avengers does not get me excited, especially since world-threatening disaster has never been Joss Whedon’s strong suit, even if he tends to go back to that well over and over again.

Secondly, what happens when there are too many characters? The first Avengers was so good at juggling everyone’s development so that no one was the same after the movie was over, and yet no one got lost in the shuffle. It was already a tightrope walk; adding two more (with rumored others) seems pretty risky.

Thirdly, haven’t we already seen enough of Tony Stark’s suits? One of the cool things about Iron Man 3 is that he destroyed all of them, so it seemed like that wouldn’t be a plotline again. But now we’re back to square one, I guess? Hopefully there’s more to Ultron than that, because it’s lame the way it sounds in this trailer.

Okay, now the good stuff.


But really- everything above is just a concern. The movie could very well deal adroitly with all three. The third concern is the only one that was compounded by this trailer, since it doubles down on Iron Man’s involvement in Ultron’s creation. The first two are actually diluted by this trailer with its heavy helping of banter and its quick rundown of how all the characters will be used. Come May 1, I’ll be in theaters, ready for awesomeness to explode in my face. In Whedon we trust.


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