Song of the Hour: “Depreston” by Courtney Barnett

My wife and I will probably be looking for our first house soon, like before the end of the year if everything goes as planned. She just recently got a job at the University of Oklahoma. She’s been a grad student there for the past couple of years, but now that we know we’ll be in Norman for the long run, we can begin looking to put down some roots.

You may have noticed things aren’t very calm in Norman right now. We went to a student-led protest this morning, so while things may seem dark from outside Norman, I’ve never been more encouraged by the quality of the students at OU.

In some ways, as long as Vicky has a job at the university, we’ll always be tied to to ever-changing machine of academic life, the volatile nature of student life. But we’re not students anymore; at our core, we’re young people becoming adults. Soon, we’ll just be adults- with mortgages, home maintenance duties, and neighbors who plant trees on the wrong side of the property line.

Courtney Barnett, singing of an adult’s malaise with the whimsy of a young person, has made a song just for us. House hunting doesn’t seem like the most fun rite of passage, but Barnett lends it an air of mystique with the most beautiful song she’s recorded to date. Normally, her music has a more punk feel. But in “Depreston”, she seems to succumb to the impending doom of oldness by embracing a dad-rock, jangly-guitar vibe. I’ll have this one on repeat in the tape deck of our first minivan.


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