Song of the Hour: “Get Better” by Frank Turner

If you’re familiar with Frank Turner, you’re used to his folk-punk style by now and to the way he tries to fit too many words into every stanza in his charming, English way. You’re probably also used to the themes he tends to favor, like recovery and brotherhood. For reference, see the songs “Recovery” and “Oh Brother” from his last album, 2013’s Tape Deck Heart.

No, subtlety isn’t something Turner does, and “Get Better” isn’t any different. In fact, “Get Better” may be the least subtle song he’s every released. One listen in, though, and you won’t care about subtlety or nuance. He’ll beat it out of you, and you’ll ask for more. Call it “Fifty Shades of Frank”.

“Get Better” is the spiritual sequel to “Recovery”, the best song from the great Tape Deck Heart. If “Recovery” took place at the bottom of the 12-step hill, “Get Better” is halfway up. There was hope in “Recovery”, but it was muddied by despair. There’s no despair on “Get Better”; it’s all hope, which, for a song with “We’re not dead yet” in the chorus, is quite a feat.


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