Trailer of the Hour: Spectre

This might be my most anticipated movie of the year. Yes, ahead of Jurassic World or Age of Ultron or even Furious 7, which are all exciting in their own right. I’m not taking anything away from them, but this James Bond franchise is doing something entirely different right now. You know what you’re getting from a Bond movie; you know it’ll have just as much thrilling action as the rest of those franchises. But the Bond movies under Sam Mendes, who directed the great Skyfall, have made the significant addition of a compelling storyline to go along with all the franchise’s prerequisites. Even when past Bonds have tried to go for something a little more serious, their stories never carried much weight. Daniel Craig’s Bond, especially in Skyfall, doesn’t mind a little heavy lifting.  This trailer, void of any action at all, focuses far more on continuing Skyfall‘s more personal story, combining the finer points with breathtaking imagery. That combination is what made Skyfall the best of the Craig Bond movies, and it bodes well for Spectre.


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