Song of the Hour: “Need You Now” by Hot Chip

No artist has embodied white nerd dance music like Hot Chip over the past 15 years. I first came across them in high school. My friend had me listen to their song, “Boy from School”, and I didn’t think much of it. Too slow, too inconsequential, too boring. But since then, they’ve released whole albums that have captivated me. Maybe my ideas about music have mellowed some and have allowed for more nuanced listening experiences. That’s probably more likely than that the quality of Hot Chip’s music increased that drastically. But it wouldn’t be crazy to argue that “Need You Now” is the most Hot Chip song they’ve ever released. The pulsing drones, capitalized by the desperate but distant vocal sample, lead into Alexis Taylor’s insistent, borderline whiny pleas for peace of mind. It’s a love song focused inward, romancing the nerd’s inner introvert.


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