Quick Take: Left Behind (2014)


Someday, someone somewhere is going to make a great faith-based movie. That day may not be far away, but it has not yet come. I understand I’m not saying anything revolutionary, but Left Behind is terrible. The books weren’t so bad; they weren’t necessarily good, but they were better than this. I read them when I was in the 5th grade, and to my 11-year-old eyes those books were fascinating. Looking back, there wasn’t much discussion about the gospel in them, but they managed to capture something of the believers’ utter dependence on God in dire circumstances, even if those circumstances aren’t really biblical. This Left Behind movie captures nothing. Unless you include Nic Cage’s slack-jawed face in the midst of the chaos of half the people on his plane disappearing in an instant. That image of Cage’s face is what stuck with me after the movie was over- I know Cage has seen better days, but it’s a symbol of how far he’s fallen that a movie about the end of the world couldn’t elicit anything more exciting from him. But I suppose a movie where everything- from the score that belongs in an elevator to the Z-grade effects- is cheaper than one minute of a Sundance movie couldn’t have provided Cage with much motivation.

Quicker take: Jesus wept.


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