Quick Listen: Loyalty by The Weather Station


Tamara Lindeman’s third record under the Weather Station name is getting her comparisons to Joni Mitchell and Judee Sill, but her voice never aims for the heights of emotions that Mitchell’s did and she never aims for the ethereality of Sill’s. Instead, Lindeman’s songs on Loyalty achieve a confessional nature even those two giants of folk never did, as if she were whispering rather than singing. The lightness of these songs is antithetical to how heavily they weigh in your heart when they’re finished. A contemporary of hers is obviously Laura Marling, but Marlin’s instrumentals always feel on the edge of violence. Lindeman’s strings, like her voice, feel as if they may float away at any second. Her lyrics, though, betray a strength of conviction. It’s as if Lindeman thinks loyalty as a concept is at once weighty and weightless, fleeting and permanent.

Favorite song: “Way It Is, Way It Could Be”


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