Quick Listen: The Pinkprint by Nicki Minaj (2014)


I find no popular artist more frustrating than Nicki Minaj. There aren’t many better rappers than Minaj at her best, an opinion she’s come very close to making fact time and time again- but in spurts. While features (Kanye’s “Monster”) and her own individual songs (“Super Bass”, “Beez in the Trap”, “Feeling Myself”) are incredible, she’s never sustained that kind of quality over an entire album. It might be because every album she’s released has been super-long for some reason (Pink Friday was 13 tracks, not bad, but Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded was 19 and The Pinkprint is 16) or because there’s always an out-of-place, sugary pop song shoehorned into the mix (this time it’s “Pills n Potions”, but past culprits were the treacly “Starships” and “Last Chance”, which featured Natasha freaking Bedingfield). All that being said, The Pinkprint is her best album yet, even if it’s not that good. It’s at least interesting, which is more than you could say for her first two albums.

Quicker listen: Minaj just keeps throwing stuff at the wall, but this time more of it sticks.


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