Quick Listen: Saint Esprit (2015) by Saint Esprit


The press release from DREAM Records on Saint Esprit’s self-titled debut EP claims that it “will surely push the envelope for Christian music”. You see this kind of rhetoric a lot from Christian music labels nowadays; apparently everyone’s tired of all the Christian music sounding the same, failing to reflect God’s creative image in us. I don’t think Saint Esprit is pushing the envelope so much as taking trends already popular in mainstream music and running with them. Not that there’s anything wrong with that- Saint Esprit (Ess-pree), a group from Orange County, styles their music with a pleasant mix of EDM and pop. Honestly, I would’ve been satisfied as long as they didn’t sound anything like Owl City, but Saint Esprit have something here on this EP that’s truly refreshing and the best I’ve heard yet of its kind in Christian music.

Quicker listen: Owl City for people who like music.


One thought on “Quick Listen: Saint Esprit (2015) by Saint Esprit

  1. I think the “Christian Music” label is slowly being destroyed and will soon be only reserved for “worship bands” and the like. Marketing yourselves as a christian band tends to pigeonhole you a bit.

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