Quick Take: The Good Lie (2014)


The poster for The Good Lie is immediately misleading, since Reese Witherspoon doesn’t even appear in the movie till about the 45 minute or so mark. The movie is truly not a white-savior movie; the bulk of the movie deals directly with the plight of four Sudanese refugees, from the moment their lives are torn apart in Sudan to their experience in a Kenyan refugee camp to the brothers separation from their sister when they arrive in the United States. There are several fish-out-of-water moments played for laughs, but director Philippe Falardeau and screenwriter Margaret Nagle mostly tell the story straight, letting the tragedies and triumphs speak for themselves. If you’re a producer, though, be careful- watching The Good Lie may inspire you to cast more black actors, or make more movies about people who aren’t white.

Quicker take: Arnold Oceng, Ger Duany, Emmanuel Jai, and Kuoth Wiel admirably bring to life a tale of Sudanese refugees.


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