Quick Listen: Dicey Hollow (2015) by Dicey Hollow


Being related to a famous person inevitably gives off the aura of entitlement, like you’ve had a silver spoon in your mouth from birth. But while Jamie Biden, one half of the duo that is Dicey Hollow, is the veep’s nephew, Dicey Hollow is such an unassuming EP that there’s not a whiff of celebrity. With his friend, the Swedish Petter Erickson Stakee, he’s made a lovely, atmospheric folk record. There are the usual trappings: acoustic guitar, the occasional steel pedal, a vocal twang here and there. But you won’t get the usual vibe; this is a spacey record with occasional delvings into psychedelic rock and indie rock, which cause Dicey Hollow to stand out from the pack.

Quicker listen: (Jamie) Biden 2016!


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