Quick Take: It Follows (2015)


Horror movies rarely buck the norms. It’s hard in a genre with so many expected beats to break the mold and produce something truly original. Sometimes the only way to go is to take those expectations and simplify them down to their core. It’s what makes Halloween compelling even after all these years, and it’s why all the reboots of the classics that try to tack on complicated origin stories don’t matter in the big scheme of things: we don’t care; we just want to be scared and watch terrified people try stay alive. It Follows, which has a hilariously apt title that could apply to any horror movie but is also uniquely perfect for this one, is horror stripped down. An undefined monster walks toward you, undeterred by anything in its path, maintaining the same pace, taking whatever guise it fancies. When it gets to you, it kills you. Add to that formula the idea that the monster starts following you if you have sex with its previous target and that your only method of getting rid of it is to have sex with somebody else to pass it to them- well, this is the perfect horror movie then, isn’t it?

Quicker take: The simple title belies the smart horror film it describes.


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