Quick Listen: Imaginary Life (2015) by Worriers


I’m only recently familiar with Lauren Denitzio’s art, but I understand her to be an open-minded individual who engages in many forms of creativity, not just music. She’s a relatively well-known DIY visual artist who lives in Brooklyn and also happens to front a punk band called Worriers. Just the band’s name resonates with my generation, since we’ve never had more access to information and therefore more access to every piece of bad news that comes across the airwaves to further convince us this world is irreparably broken. And yet their new album, Imaginary Life, is a very direct piece of work, handling its issues matter-of-factly and without pretense. They quickly resolve the pronoun issue surrounding transgenderism with “They / Them / Their”, burn through a call to protest on “Yes All Cops”, and disregard your disapproval by focusing on their “Plans”. Denitzio and I probably wouldn’t see eye to eye on some things, but I appreciate how much Imaginary Life strives to be the voice of a generation, while simultaneously sounding like they couldn’t care less if you listened.

Quicker take: Worried about what?


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