Quick Listen: That Kind of Girl (2015) by Amy Speace


In keeping with this past week’s theme of singer-songwriters, Amy Speace belongs in the troubadour category. Well-respected by the Nashville scene, Speace’s voice is unconventional for what you might expect from folk music. She sings in a theatrical manner, which we could use more of in Americana, since her songs are always more emotive than the rest of the rather straightforward genre. That Kind of Girl is a break-up album, so it follows some of the routines of the form, with empowerment hymns (“Better Than This”) and kiss-offs (“Nothing Good Can Come from This”), but Speace balances the record out with some truly heartbreaking songwriting. She’s always had a knack for uncanny imagery, but the twist in “Raincoat” is especially affecting.

Quicker listen: My favorite song is the last one, “Epilogue (I Don’t Know How to Stop Loving You)”, which is just as wounded as it sounds.


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