Song of the Hour: “I Feel the Love Between Us” (2015) by Sara Groves

Sara Groves has been releasing beautiful music for around twenty years now, and she’s received her fair share of critical acclaim. But because she exists in that uncanny valley between radio-friendly CCM and self-sufficient singer-songwriter, she’s still vastly underrated. Floodplain feels like the kind of record where, in a perfect world where Christian music received media attention, the tides would be rising in her favor. She hasn’t left behind her straightforward confessionals, but she takes some risks, including on “I Feel the Love Between Us”, an ode to the power of lifelong love. The song’s sound is unprecedentedly expansive, the songwriting remaining simple while the drums and electric guitar do things previously unheard in Groves’s music, carving their own paths  to profundity. It’s a song with quiet confidence in its own musicality and in its estimation of love.


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