Trailer of the Hour: “X-Men: Age of Apocalypse”

I wanted to write about the trailer for The Nice Guys, but I couldn’t think of much more to say about it than “YES. YES. YES. YES. YES.” Whereas with Age of Apocalypse‘s trailer, I have more complex emotions. A lot of how I feel about this X-Men trailer is how I feel about the trailers for Batman v. Superman or Captain America: Civil War. These movies look exciting to the side of me that’s still holding on to adolescence and to the side of me that enjoys when things go boom. As for the side of me that likes nuanced screenplays and artful cinematography, I generally turn that side off with these movies. But sometimes movies with things that go boom think that the booming itself is enough. It’s not. The Marvel movies have (mostly) been very good at imbuing a sense of fun, a devil-may-care sensibility among their main players, that has allowed the parts that boom some breathing room. This trailer and the ones for those other movies have a lot of boom and not a lot of fun.

Now, the trailer for Ultron didn’t look fun either. But when I saw the actual movie, it was clear that Joss Whedon was still able to find his trademark balance of weight and wit. Bryan Singer, Age of Apocalypse‘s director, found a similar balance in Days of Future Past. That means there’s plenty of hope for Apocalypse. There’s just none to be found in this trailer.


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