Quick Listen: Know-It-All (2015) by Alessia Cara


When Alessia Cara’s “Here” climbed up the Billboard Hot 100 this fall, it was one of the strangest non-Ryan Adams pop-related occurrences of 2015. It’s not that Cara’s not deserving; “Here” is one of my favorite songs of the year, and it’s one of the few pop songs in 2015 that sounds like it was born out of personal craft rather than a factory. But it’s the song of a misanthrope, an anthem built for introverts, as she rejects the advances of some guy in a club that doesn’t interest her among a crowd of people that aren’t her friends. The rest of the album isn’t nearly as rebellious- on the whole, Know-It-All sounds a lot like Rihanna singing teen-pop- but the introvert still makes an appearance in songs like “Four Pink Walls” and “Overdose”. I hear her label rushed this album out to capitalize on “Here”‘s success. I hope they give her time on the next album to make her own personal statement.

Quicker listen: If you hate people, you’ll love “Here”; if you love music, you’ll like Know-It-All.


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