About This Blog

About Me: My name is Aaron Bumgarner. I follow Christ. I live in Norman, Oklahoma. I work as a speech-language pathologist for Oklahoma City Public Schools. I love movies and I love music, and not necessarily in that order. I enjoy reading books. I enjoy writing about movies, music, and books. That’s why I made this blog. I want you to enjoy what I write. You can tweet me @bumaaron.

About This Blog: This blog is about movies, music, books, sports, and generally what I feel about writing about. Most posts will be my thoughts on movies I just saw in theaters. Some posts will be about albums I recently listened to and loved. Others will be about books I read. Occasionally I’ll write a post about something important that just happened in my life. This blog kind of has a wide range, so the best way to get a feel for if you like it is to go read a few posts!

About the Title: The title comes from a classic quote from the great movie On the Waterfront. Some people call me Bum (since my last name is Bumgarner), and some have called me A-Bum. And this blog is usually about movies. So it’s only fitting that the title be from a movie quote that used my name to become a classic movie.

About the Header: There are 5 pictures that cycle through the header as you navigate this blog. They are all pictures from the last 5 movies I saw that I thought were great movies. The current 5 movies are Cool Hand Luke (1967), Winter on Fire (2015), Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 (2011), Spotlight (2015), and X-Men: Days of Future Past (2014).


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