We Don’t Deserve BLACK PANTHER

We Don’t Deserve BLACK PANTHER

I don’t think I can write about Black Panther. I loved it and have a lot of thoughts about it. But why would you read my thoughts when there are dozens of well-written articles from black writers out there? It’s not that I don’t think I have the right to write about black culture. I’ve written about plenty of albums and movies from black artists before, and I’ll write more in the future. But the level of joy I want to communicate about this movie…that requires a writer of color. So I’m sitting this one out.

Below you’ll find some great content about Black Panther from African-American writers. They’re all well worth your time. Enjoy!

Zito Madu, GQBlack Panther and the Search for Home

Jelani Cobb, The New YorkerBlack Panther and the Invention of “Africa”

Carvell Wallace, The New York Times Magazine: Why Black Panther Is a Defining Moment for Black America

Waris Dualeh, Twitter: Thread on African tribes/cultures featured in Black Panther

Jenna Wortham & Wesley Morris, Still Processing: We Sink Our Claws into Black Panther with Ta-Nehisi Coates


How We Should Respond to Spotlight

I am a member of Providence Road Church in Norman, and I wrote about Spotlight for their blog. Here’s an excerpt:

“But while we acknowledge the problems within the Catholic Church’s authority structure (and are careful to keep our own leaders humble lest they forget who is really in charge), we have certainty that this ultimately comes back to our shared depravity as human beings. This doesn’t excuse the Catholic Church. And it doesn’t excuse our church if we become careless with our pastors’ authority. But understanding that sin is the foundation for every injustice gives us the perspective we need to be angry at the right things. We want justice, but we want correct justice.”